From bank account to ration packs, sustainability is at the heart of our campaign. We aim to be the most sustainable campaign to date and have partnered with to ensure that our climate impact is totally transparent: tracked, traceable and certified. Anything we miss will be offset by Plastic Bank, who remove plastic from watercourses within 50km of the coastline, that would otherwise be swept to sea, harming marine life. 


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Marine Debris Tracker©

Some 8 million metric tonnes of plastic enter the ocean every year. In order to tackle the problem, we have to understand the problem: just how much plastic is there in the ocean already?


To help find this out we will be tracking both ocean micro and macro plastics as we row. We have partnered with Dr Jenna Jambeck's Debris Tracker © team at the University of Georgia and will be spending the next 18 months developing methods for measuring plastics from the boat.


Whilst we're doing everything we can to limit the environmental impact of our row, is ensuring we are completely carbon neutral. Halo find, assess and fund the best carbon sequestration projects. In fact, they look at more than just carbon. Using a bespoke assessment tool, they analyse projects against a variety of climate goals and best practice criteria including the UN Sustainable Development Goals, the AICHI Biodiversity Goals and the Task Force for the Voluntary Carbon Markets reporting standards. This process allows them to have the most impact across all of Humanity, Air, Land and Oceans - Halo.

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