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Hello, I'm Corrine

Age: 28

From: Born in Oxford grew up in Lyme Regis

Location: West London

Occupation: Video & Photography Production/ NFP Dungarees Brand

Luxury Item Onboard: Whyte Rushen Burger 

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My Story

How did you join the team?

Maddie Kat roped me in, it has since been pointed out that I agreed within 3 minutes, lets just say it wasn’t a hard sell.

What are you driven by?

The constant desire to learn more, to take on challenges or obstacles that the average joe would pass up. Testing your limits, trying to be a positive change and when people tell you you can’t do something I generally go out of my way to prove them wrong. 

Where did you grow up?

Originally, Oxfordshire/ Berkshire but the majority of my life was spent in Dorset/Devon.


What do you do for work?

Pre pandemic I was producing/shooting a lot of travel content. These days I’ve found myself juggling a mix of food/beverage events photography and am on the cusp of launching a not for profit dungaree brand, made out in India where I used to live and the profits are reinvested into the Philippines helping locals on the ground start their own small businesses so they can become self-reliant. 


What do you bring to the team?

Non-stop paparazzi goodness; capturing the best and the worst moments. A can-do attitude. A relentless striving for more. The one convincing everyone to get in the sea with me despite the temperature or potential sealife, although it doesn’t sound like Jess will need much convincing. I also have quite a problem solver attitude.


Connection with the sea and adventure:

I love the sea, I’m happiest in water and it’s my thinking place. I grew up sailing, kayaking, attempting to surf, swimming, and donutting off the back of boats.


Other challenges previously participated in:

  • I don’t think that I’ve participated in that many organised challenges but I do sometimes feel that my life is like the part of the apprentice where they ask you to come back with the most obscure list of things. Whether that's sourcing parrots for shoots in India or being dared into getting a strangers sock on a night out in West London.

  • Two of the wilder more abroad moments were deciding to paddle down the Mekong because my boyfriend at the time and I didn’t want to take the tourists route. We did three days down the river stopping of at two villages one which traded in chickens eggs. Subsequently Sue Perkins from Bake Off claimed to have gone much further in less time, which we found quite hilarious. 

  • The second one is a wild trek...