Hello, I'm Jemima 

Age: 22

From: Devon 

Location: Edinburgh

Occupation: Jack of all trades, master of none

Luxury item onboard: A bath with all the accoutrements 

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My Story

How did you join the team?

Maddie and I plotted this in our school computer room and after 7 years of planning I think it’s safe to say this will have been our longest yeah b[u]oy ever. 


What are you driven by?

A crippling fear of being bored. 


Where did you grow up?



What do you do for work?

I’m currently studying Economics and Politics in Edinburgh. During term time I’ve worked for a social investment fund and been a barista, hazardous waste remover, waitress, nanny and movie extra for Universal. During the summers I work as a yacht stewardess in the Med. 


What do you bring to the team?

I feel most in my element, or at peace when surrounded by absolute chaos. I’m not inviting anyone to read too deeply into this but I think this should give me plenty of opportunities to be useful when in the middle of the ocean! 


Connection with the sea and adventure:

My parents, and grandparents, are sailors. This is partly, I suppose, why I was dragged from my spiritual birthplace, Surrey and brought to Devon when I was 10. Before that, though, I was taught to sail on a floodplain there and had near-constant nosebleeds from being whacked in the face by the boom. My nose lives on but definitely tells the story. 


We spent our first summer sailing when my three brothers and I were between the ages of 3 and 8. I’m not sure confining the tribe to 37ft is something they’d dare try again but obviously, the memories are all fond. I particularly remember superyacht spotting - gazing up at Paul Allen’s 414ft, Octopus in Marmaris. Or the various bounties my dad put on catching sea creatures to BBQ (Octopus = £100). So it feels somewhat full circle that an octopus is now our logo and talisman (I never caught the octopus and I would hope it has forgiven me for trying).  


My parents spend most of their time living aboard our sailing boat, Luna. We’ve been as far north as the Outer Hebrides and I am manifesting a charity Club Luna, Ibiza session for next summer.  


Other challenges previously participated in:

  • All girls senior school