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Hello, I'm Maddie


Age: 22

From: Dorset

Location: University of Manchester, Dorset or Houston, Texas

Occupation: Full time daughter 

Luxury Item Onboard: Ice

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My Story

How did you join the team?

Jemima and I are school friends and started our first Atlantic Campaign on the school computers, our original team name was ‘Yeah Buoy’ and we wanted to call our boat ‘our longest Yeah Buoy ever’ (a vine reference). Needless to say I think we stand a much better chance this time but our commitment definitely has longevity. 

What are you driven by?

Being in a team, I find it incredibly motivating, things are always more fun in a group. I've also really come to understand the missions behind our charities, and we have great relationships with them. I'm very proud to be raising money for causes I'm really passionate about. 


Where did you grow up?

All over, my parents moved out of London when I was 8, to Asia for 10 years and now live in the USA. However, our family home has always been in Dorset. Almost my entire extended family has ended up in the same village, by the sea, and that’s where I’d really call home.

What do you do for work?

I'm at Uni at the moment, but I've just started working in yachting during the summer. 


What do you bring to the team? 

The rest of the team can answer this one for Maddie; she's been the hostess with the mostess, putting us up, and putting up with us, whenever we've got together. She makes an incredible hummus and has been kind enough to shack up in the most beautiful part of the world (background to all our videos). 


Connection with the sea and adventure:

I grew up on the Dorset coast, basically at the beach! Almost every family holiday we’ve ever had has been next to a body of water. When I’m at home we go in the sea most days; swimming, paddle-boarding, water skiing, sailing… We go in all year round - even pre-pandemic when people gave you funny look for going in the sea in January, and not a dry robe in sight. My earliest memories are being marched into the sea in January by my dad, wetsuit-less, boogie boards in hand. 


Other challenges previously participated in:

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